Kearston Hawkins-Johnson


Keasrton Hawkins-Johnson

Kearston Hawkins-Johnson earned a BFA in Acting from Northern Kentucky University, supplemented with additional training at Howard University. The Cincinnati native’s local credits include productions with the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, and Know Theatre of Cincinnati, as well as additional roles in a variety of independent and student films. Outside of being an actor, Hawkins-Johnson is a multidisciplinary artist who works with photography and film which has been featured in NoBudge, Float Magazine, The One Project, and Urban Ivy.


Photograph by Sam

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I would love to thank Cincinnati Parks for the space to rest, connect, and seek inspiration during the course of the project. My family and friends who always keep me motivated with their support and love. The FotoFocus team for the opportunity to expand as an artist, and C. Jacqueline Wood for her mentorship, insight, and advocacy for myself and the artists on this project. And I can not possibly forget the artists/friends/inspirations that I had the great fortune of being in contact with and collaborating with to create this project. To those whose work and companionship I cherish: Dev, Ellis, Michael, Sam, and Kyle.